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Rea Angelica Jones with over 25 years of experience as a preschool teacher, she has encountered children from many walk’s of life allowing her to develop an unending passion for children encouragement. Leading to a life long dedication to helping children expand their emotional expression & self love. Rea’s journey as an author begin with finding creative ways to engage her preschoolers. Making up rhymes proved to be a winner, it was something both her little ones and her coworkers enjoyed. Rea is blessed to be able to follow her heart to create a breath-taking 5 part series that sheds light on real life issues some of our children face today both at home and school.

“We instill in our children what we want to see in their future”

                            ” Author  REA JONES “

‘Zi and Friends’, a 5 book series about a five children that are experiencing different situations in their home lives, but these situations appear to be making everyday life a little difficult. One young man who goes by Zi  tackles tough issues in a sensitive, and child friendly way. But throughout the author touches on more serious issues one being domestic violence from a child’s prospective and more, she also shed’s light on positive ways to handle each situation. To find this book along with the others you may go over to Amazon.com. If you would like to book Author Jones please see booking information below.

I’m Roquel Jones, 26 year old photo/fashion model with a passion for the camera. I have modeled for 12:45 photography. I’ve also been published with L&B and Getty Images. I enjoy working with photographers with a creative eye that share my creative thoughts. I am very versatile and bring passion to every project I work on. 

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Tomanika Smith, is a Full Figure Model born and raised in Rockford, IL. As a little girl my parents introduced me to pageants, I quickly realized I love the spot light. Once in my 20s, I decided I would pursue modeling. It has felt like second nature to me. I enjoy taking photos along with being on the other side of the camera to express myself. I am very CONFIDENT in the person I am today.  It is important to me to help all young ladies understand it is okay to be comfortable in your skin and to always love yourself, I am diverse and always open to try new things in life. I take pride in challenging myself with new obstacles to achieve. To see more of Tomanika’s photos and learn more about her you may check out www.tomanikasmith.com

Ashley D Williams is a Chicago, IL born, Rockford, IL based Master Life Coach, business consultant, philanthropist and civil rights activist. Since her childhood, she has lived a life of servitude mentoring youth & volunteering throughout the community, utilizing her vast
professional ingenuities in the public and private sectors. A graduate of Rockford Illinois’ Auburn High School, Ashley is currently attending Harvard University with a focus on Leadership through Justice in Humanities.  For over two decades Ashley has helped her clients unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success in areas such as parenting, finance, wellness, spiritual, and business. She has helped clients find purpose, passion and talents
that will allow them to create the life they envision.

La’Juan Morris Also Known as ‘Tha Kid” Is a young adult Entrepreneur and athlete with a versatile style and sets no limits for himself. With a height of 6″4 all throughout his Highschool career he played various sports such as Basketball , Football and Volleyball. You can still occasionally catch him playing sports in his down time but as of recently La’Juan is a Young Adult male Model Known for his debonair style , charisma, distinguished looks and drive which definitely sets him apart from his peers. He can be seen modeling for his clothing line L & B Sc & Co. as well as other brands . Please see booking information below 

Author DeAnna Lynn knows that empowered children empower others. Born in Chicago, IL and raised in her hometown of Rockford, IL, DeAnna has experience of being an Early Childhood educator. She draws from her knowledge of social-emotional development when writing culturally relevant books for children of color. Shortly after receiving her Master’s Degree from Roosevelt University, DeAnna published Not Yet, Deezy! and SOAR! As a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), she looks to influence more children and families through both teaching and children’s literature.

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