Brandi is known from city to city as a well kept secret and definitely someone to know. With her savvy business sense, diversity, connections all over to various industries due to her extensive knowledge rather it be in the Entertainment industry or Business industry. Brandi has made her company an all in one business with experts to handle every area. It’s hard to deny her ability to network and be the go between that is needed when LADIWORKZ helps to Brand, Market and Build. 

Our setup is one of a kind and for convenience everything is right in one location. 

 Business Lawyers, Entertainment Lawyers, Accountants, Photographers and more.

Who do we work with? To name a few. Models, Actor’s, Authors, Recording Artist, and Business Owners 

Brandi is a Brand & Marketing Specialist

Entertainment Manager and Business Educator


Bridging gaps and ultimately creating legacies for not just our own but for everyone that comes during the current work process and behind us to learn and prosper for the success of building a future of longevity.



This Small Entrepreneur Seminar is a Live Virtual as well as in person event for children ages 10-17. Tickets are being purchased over  at Eventbrite and are currently on sale NOW for $15.00

Virtual Participants will receive a Live zoom link


March 13th,  2021 

9:00AM to 10:30AM