The Two Day Know Your Business Seminar & Pop-Up shop

The In-Person and Live Virtual  Know Your Business Seminar is a two day event geared toward helping small business owners learn the basics but very vital information that will help establish success in everyday business.

You should always remember in business ” Not Knowing Something Is Never An Acceptable Excuse” .  Starting from the basics can be a life saver.

During this two day seminar we go in depth about topics such as

1.) Trademarking

2.) Why business owners trademark

3.) When to trademark

4.) A break down of each business entity

5.) Did you chose the correct business structure

6.) How your business structure affects your taxes

7.) When to seek out a CPA

8.) Why having a business banking account is beneficial

9.) How to form a simple business contracts

10.) Proper business etiquette ( Speech and How to handle ones self in a professional setting)

11.) Inexpensive ways of Marketing & Branding

12.)  The importance of networking and more.

Take pride in increasing your business knowledge while networking and growing your customer base during the In- person as well as Virtual Pop Up shop a option to purchase a booth space is available to each participant. Once your booth has been purchased it is available to the participant each day of the seminar for one flat rate.

For more information on how the virtual pop up shop works you may contact us at (815)742-4754 0r email Never miss out on an opportunity to expand your business.

To request this class you may email us at for a one on one class