My name is Brandi Morris
and I bridge gaps.

  • Storm'z Entertainment Launch - Doing work as a Multi-media consultant made it much easier when Storm'z Entertainment was established in 2001 Planning and overseeing the Chicago’s First Largest Steppers Ball and gradually added managing, that includes models, athletes, recording artist as well as artist promotion.
  • L&B Launch - Brandi’s goal was and still is to dress kids at prices parents can afford and clothes kids will not only love but feel good in.
  • Celly's Launch - CELLY’S is a specially thought out kids hat line developed with Brandi’s youngest son Marcellus in mind
  • Keen Eye Visualz Launch - Brandi started this with the purpose of allowing all to have a dialogue on an unfamiliar platform having diverse conversations about a range of topics, encouraging intellectual debate.

LADIWORKZ promotes small business growth awareness by taking our business knowledge and giving back to the community. We understand that there are many aspects to business and all are equally important. However, for small business owners Brandi feels focusing on building career bonding relationships that help further build and maintain small businesses with goals such as in time becoming big box business brands that we see establishing themselves as community staples. We work to bridge gaps by having these owners work together within the community this intern creates stability as well as longevity. We understand the SMALL BUSINESS COMMUNITY is very important to our economy so let’s stay in business. LADIWORKZ is a multimedia company. This makes work simple and fun for any company we come across with multiple needs. At LADIWORKZ, we care about our clients’ success. Our approach is to understand their goals and vision deeply in order to craft successful media and outreach campaigns. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Be The Person Who Bridges The Gap, Not Create It.”